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Sam Karagiozis is a Serial Entrepreneur and arguably Australia’s Youngest Property Tycoon

Despite being a High School Drop Out at Age 15, Sam hustled for 12 years to build his $10 million-dollar empire.

This was never meant to be an easy ride. Sam’s journey has not been without significant struggle, but the struggle has most definitely been worth it. In 2014, with a budget of $74 for weekly groceries for 2 people, Sam knew things needed to change, so he set his bar high and he persevered to become the entrepreneur he is today.

Sam Currently owns and manages the following companies;

SK Property: This is where the Property Development occurs. There are currently 8 properties under this umbrella with a net worth of over $7,000,000.

Souvlaki GR: Souvlaki GR first opened in Thornbury, Victoria in 2016 and is now ranked as one of Melbourne’s best Greek souvlaki restaurants, where customers can indulge in authentic Greek cuisine. After visiting Greece in 2015, Sam was inspired to bring the authentic taste back to Melbourne. With Souvlaki GR’s restaurant chain expanding, keep your eyes out for 3 new stores set to open up across Australia.

Sam Karagiozis (SK): Sam has launched his personal brand offering business & personal mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs. This allows Sam to fulfil a passion of his which is the ability to help others.

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Lifestyle of a Hustler

No one ever believed in me. I was always told it cannot be done. I would not be successful.ALWAYS believe in yourself. ALWAYS put in the work. ALWAYS have faith.TAG A MATE who needs to see this. ??

Posted by Sam Karagiozis on Thursday, 29 June 2017

“True entrepreneur! I've know Sam since 2012 and the amount he has achieved since then is truly inspiring! Awesome guy with a heart of gold! He helped me out early in my entrepreneur days and he didn't even know me!

Much respect for Sam. He is an honest and trustworthy guy that is successful by helping others!”

Damien Browne

“I have nothing but respect for Sam. Sam is frontfooted and stays ahead of the game in all that he does. He possesses the business acumen required to seal the deal and gets things done. Sam has my highest recommendation.”

Helen Venessa

“Sam is a genuine entrepreneur and down to earth guy! His legacy is soon to grow!! I thank you for your time!”

Omar Joud

“This bloke is a legend check out what he does by helping people there should be more people like him in this world”

Christopher Taylor

“Corey Bristow -

Just got a video call from Sam very intelligent well spoken has a wealth of knowledge very glad there are people like Sam I this world thanks again.”

Corey Bristow